UW Course Bot

Consider all your registration problems solved.

UW Course bot is an advanced application for Macs designed specifically to help UW students get into closed classes. You tell it what classes you want to get into and it does all the work.

Automatic Registration

Not only does the application notify you when it finds an open class but it is also the only robot that can automatically register you for the class.

Ability to Drop Classes

UW Course Bot comes with advanced settings that allow the user to be able to drop a class in order to sign up for another if a slot becomes available.

Text/Email Notification

Know exactly when a class opens up no matter where you are with immediate texts and email notifications.

UW Course Bot and is no longer maintained or supported. Because of changes to the UW registration system it does not function as well as it use to if at all. The source code is available here if anyone would like to fix it or modify it themselves.

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